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Our Rewilding Schools Programme is aimed at developing a long-term sustainable solution to providing nature connection opportunities to your students through providing you with the infrastructure, training and support for you to be able to offer rewilding opportunities to your students on your own school site.
















We will work with you to identify an area within your school that could be designated as a ‘Rewilding Space’. This may be part of your school field or perhaps an area that is currently covered in concrete or tarmac (yes, we can rewild anything!). We will then work with your students to design a natural ‘wild’ space which is youth-led and tailored to meet the needs of the young people who will use it.


The students will also be introduced to a wide variety of ‘bush craft’ skills such as fire-lighting; foraging; shelter-building and animal tracking. Each space will be different and responsive to the needs of the school but in general will contain a set of wooden tree stumps for seating, a fire-pit; fire lighting equipment and cooking equipment (grill, hotplate, dutch oven, kettle etc).


Where possible, we will include the planting of trees and/or a willow dome which will enable the Rewilding Space to become an enclosed space within which to facilitate rewilding activities. In order to ensure that the Rewilding Space can be used as effectively as possible, you will be allocated one of our qualified outdoor education practitioners who will be your Rewilding Schools Mentor and who will provide training and support for your staff in order that they too will be able to confidently offer rewilding activities to your students.


Staff training will consist of a 2 day ‘camp’ for staff in our own Rewilding Space at East Hull Community Farm, with annual refreshers available as appropriate. Training will be linked to the Institute of Outdoor Learning standards and certificates of attainment will be offered which contribute to CPD requirements.


Staff will be trained in the ethos and practice of youth work, outdoor learning and forest school principles and also to a good level of competency in bushcraft skills which will include fire-lighting, animal tracking, shelter-building and foraging/wild cooking. Training also includes an introduction to ‘wild therapy’ and your staff team will have the opportunity to practice a range of wild therapy activities for use with young people.

Please email for more information

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